“I started my health journey at 250lbs. Consistency has been key for me. I’m down to 209lbs. I also set a personal best in the pool: 2,825 yards, 113 laps, 61 minutes. My first swim a year ago? 4 laps. A 90 y/o next to me said, ‘that’s a good start.’”

Joshua NC

“September 18th, 2009 I heard the Lord say, ‘Thomas, the burdens you’ve been carrying aren’t yours, give them to Me. Take My yoke upon you and let me teach you. I Am humble and gentle and you will find rest for your soul.’ I was 46 yrs old and that moment changed my life. ManCamp helped me add fuel to the fire within.”

Thomas SC

“Nikita, Lex & Staff, I write because I want you to know how important the ManCamp experience is. I don’t know what all happens during the week as I am the wife of a wonderful and now Christ following man. I cannot convey how many prayers have been answered. My husband is finally here – with Godly purpose. This is a new level of joy.”

Campers Wife

“When Mike returned from ManCamp, in walked this man who was calm, loving, putting myself and the kids first, talking about being the priest of our home as Christ is the head of the Church, wanting to read the Word every day with me. He now prays all the time, if things are difficult, he takes it to God. These are ALL massive changes. It’s a pleasure to be married to him today, I am honored to submit to him today, and I’m so incredibly grateful for the love he came home with. But God… Only the Spirit of God could have done this. It is a miracle. Truly. And thank you Nikita, Lex and staff as well.”

Campers Wife

“The biggest gain I would say ManCamp gave me would be, true freedom from ANY bondage “addict: alcoholic, rage.” Freedom feels good. SO grateful for this camp and all it taught me.”

Michael VA

“Nikita Koloff came and preached at my church and mentioned Man camp and something in my heart was like, you are going. I went and it was the most memorable and spiritual experience of my life. It was during my ManCamp experience that God asked me to give everything to Him and give my life to Christ. I surrendered my heart to Jesus at camp and was later baptized with my church family. I’ll never be the same. Thank you Lex, Nikita and staff.”

“I attended Man Camp in 2020. I have been trapped in the sin of gambling/playing cards since 2006. Even after God touching and giving me opportunities to walk in freedom, I habitually chose to return to my vomit instead. I’d like to testify to God’s goodness and say I’ve left the mud of the pigs, repented and laid down the addiction by the power of God’s grace. The camp I attended has been a holy haunting in regards to this sinful behaviour. I will forever be grateful to the camp leadership and men with me that fall. I’ve never before publicly confessed repentance/metanoia. Praise God. He is a good, good Father.”

Israel L.

“Where to start… Man Camp changed my life in so many ways. I got to meet Jesus as a friend for the first time. I had known about Jesus in my head for so long, but never realized I hadn’t made the move to my heart. I was playing at life. But now, I’m all in! I got to have numerous one on one encounters with the Holy Spirit in the woods: visions of where my life is going, tips on how to be a better husband and father. In short, I learned how to be a man.
I came clean to my wife about everything I was going through. She forgave me so quickly and our relationship feels like it is on a whole new trajectory now. I can’t thank Nikita, Lex, and the staff enough for facilitating such an amazing experience. I am already telling every man I know to get signed up, promising them their lives will be changed if they will be willing to submit to the process. I could go on forever, but I think the elevator doors are opening.“

Matthew H.

“I recently attended the April 2022 Mancamp. Through personal struggles I turned to God and Church in September 2021. From going to an alter call that September to my Baptism in early April 2022, God brought me to Mancamp.
My walk with the Lord is still new yet I knew Mancamp would have an impact on me. I experienced a new level of worship, my heart and mind were cracked open. Myself and 18 other broken men prayed, worshiped, and shared our stories. The bond between us grew over the week. I learned I’m not alone with life challenges and God is the true answer for us all. Nikita, Lex and the staff at Mancamp helped in bringing me closer to God, let them help grow your relationship with God as they did mine.“

Tom B.

“I went to Man Camp with a desire to make a move in Ministry. God put it on my Heart to be a Missionary. I went hoping God would speak to me and direct me.
During Camp I didn’t get a definite answer but did come home with a burning desire to be a better husband and also to not be a lukewarm Pastor.
My congregation saw a definate growth spurt had happened and my desire to serve God was increased! Man Camp changed my life!“

“Haus” P.

“I have a praise report I wanted share with you.
By God’s unprecedented favor and blessing, my wife and I are now debt free. The teaching on finances Day 5 of my ManCamp laid the conviction on my heart. We accomplished this in less than 3 years. SO grateful for this camp.“

Thomas B.

Rick P.


“Since I attended ManCamp last October (2021), I have lost 75+ pounds, went from size 42 to size 32 jeans and from 2XL to L in shirts. Needless to say all my clothes are too big! ManCamp was the catalyst to spur these changes.
Thank you Lex, Nikita and staff for your commitment to help men.”
Rick P. – NC

“Just wanted to share what happened yesterday. After church, at CSRA WORSHIP CENTER, we went to hang out with some friends of ours in Girard, Ga.
As I was helping my buddy cook, he puts his arm around me and tells me that he’s proud of me getting my life together and for the life that I’m
living now. This was a man that I drank and played music with. God is doing amazing things and my coworkers are taking notice. All praise be to
Jesus. Also, God is giving me songs that we are going to start going through on our praise team.
So grateful for my MANCAMP experience. It really opened my relationship with Christ to another level.
So, thank you and Lex for having a heart for men and being obedient to God.
Love ya Brother and thank you for everything.” – Neil B Aiken, Sc

“I was in one of your Manhood classes 4 years ago. I want to thank you and Lex so very much. I was happy just living together with my girlfriend. I do believe without you guys and your class I would have still been happy living that way. I am now getting ready to celebrate my four year anniversary to my beautiful wife.” – Tom B. / North Carolina

“Prior to ManCamp, God was bringing me to be the spiritual leader of my home, as a man should. At ManCamp last October, one of the things God spoke to me was fatherhood and how he was preparing me to be a father. Once I got home from camp, without me saying anything about my experience other than I had a great time, my wife said God told her how he had been preparing me to be the spiritual leader of our home and  when I was at camp he was preparing me to be a father. It’s amazing how God told us both the same thing the same time. Come the beginning of December we will have our first child.” – Garrett R. / North Carolina

“One of the best spiritual times of my life!” – Steve R. / South Carolina

“It’s never too late to give your life to God… Definitely a life changing experience.” – Danny C. / Texas

“I discovered how to be the real man our Heavenly Father intended.” – Nicolas N. / Wisconsin

“God used ManCamp to not only strengthen my spirit, but He also healed areas in my body as well. Thank you, Jesus!!” Pastor Gary E. / Ohio

“I have been blessed, restored spiritually, and set on fire again as a man of God. Thank you Nikita and Lex for ministering to me this past week at Man Camp!” – Tom S. / Virginia

“Man Camp itself not only changed me into a braver man when sharing my life with others, but sharing the Word of God.” – Charles H. / Georgia

“Man Camp showed me clarity for myself and the ministry I work for. Without Man Camp, I probably would not have taken the time to discover that.” – Pastor Craig P. / Georgia

“God spoke to me through Man Camp and showed me that my worth was much more than I thought. Man Camp helped me to realize what truly being a man meant and how to walk it out in my life.” – Pastor Will C. / North Carolina

“I recommend Man Camp to every single man. It is a wake up call.” – Jonathan Y. / Alabama

“My mind and spirit had reached point of anguish before Man Camp. Now that I’m home, my family sees a changed man.” – Joshua O. / South Carolina