Koloff for Christ Ministries

Koloff for Christ Ministries

Not that I seek the gift itself, but I do seek the profit which increases to your heavenly account; the blessing which is accumulating for you.                                                                                                            Philippians 4:17 (Amplified Version)

Koloff for Christ Ministries is a global outreach with a local impact. We exist to see hearts transformed and change the  world. We’re dedicated to serving others.

Founded in 2002, Koloff for Christ is faith-based ministry located in Kannapolis, NC that ministers through:

• Global, National, and Local Crusades
• Revivals
• Conferences
• Man-Camps (Five-Day)
• Man-Up Programs (One-Day)
• Men’s Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast Programs
• Church Services
• Speaking Engagements

As an evangelist/missionary/teacher, I travel and speak in churches to people of all ages. I have a strong calling to reach men with a focus on camps, conferences, breakfast, lunch and dinners, calling them into true Biblical manhood. 

 I have ministered throughout the world – including Curacao, Singapore, South Korea, Romania, Moldova, Bogotá, Columbia, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, South Africa and Canada to name a few. In addition, we have received invitations from numerous other countries as well. Our goal the next 5 years is to travel at least 20 more countries including, Japan, the Philippines, Kenya, Bosnia, the Ukraine, Brazil, Australia and Israel. 

In addition to the ministry abroad, we will continue to minister in the United States facilitating Man Camps, Man Up Conferences, Revivals and Sunday services, maintaining our precious relationships.

The Lord has also allowed me to go into our schools and speak to our youth bringing a message of hope, addressing the dangers of drugsalcohol, and other problems facing them today. 

As we continue the Lord’s call, I invite you to join us in our quest to bring the “Good News” to those around the world. You may never leave t

he comforts of your home or city, but you can have a major role in reaching the lost, the hurting, and the dying by joining us at Koloff for Christ Ministries. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at koloffforchrist@gmail.comand be sure to visit our other website nikitakoloff.com. If you would like to partner us at Koloff for Christ click the link below.

Thank you on behalf of those whose lives we touch together

God Bless you All